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There is a list of medications containing "Pregabalin" and "Methylcobalamin (Mecobalamin)" as main active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Pregabalin with Methylcobalamin medications The last trade name of products
Preg-M Preg-M - Adicob-PG Adicob-PG
Adylin-PG Adylin-PG - Algaba-M Algaba-M
Alipreg-M Alipreg-M - A-Plus G A-Plus G
Apolar-M Apolar-M - Axocare Axocare
Axogard-SR Axogard-SR - Balin-P Balin-P
Beecob-P Beecob-P - Brigaba-M Brigaba-M
Calmnerve-P Calmnerve-P - Cobal-PG Cobal-PG
Cobamic-P Cobamic-P - Cobvit-P Cobvit-P
Colaba-PB Colaba-PB - Dewfit Dewfit
Digablin Digablin - Ebion-G Ebion-G
Ecogab Ecogab - E-Neuron P E-Neuron P
Engaba-M Engaba-M - Febal Plus Febal Plus
Fibocob-P Fibocob-P - Gabacure-M Gabacure-M
Gabacure-M Forte Gabacure-M Forte - Gabanak-M Gabanak-M
Gaba-Plus Gaba-Plus - Gabavit-OD Gabavit-OD
Gabavolt Gabavolt - Galin-M SR Galin-M SR
Ganglia-P Ganglia-P - Gemcobal-X Gemcobal-X
Getrans-P Getrans-P - Griva-PM Griva-PM
Hemic-P Hemic-P - Iprag-M Iprag-M
Iprag-M SR Iprag-M SR - Juvinext-P Juvinext-P
Jycob-PG Jycob-PG - Lenerve-PG Lenerve-PG
Leogab-M Leogab-M - Macgalin-SR Macgalin-SR
Macraberin-P Macraberin-P - Mav-P Mav-P
Maxmala Maxmala - Mecapreg Mecapreg
Me-Care P Me-Care P - Mecobion-P Mecobion-P
Mecobis-PG Mecobis-PG - Mecodif-P Mecodif-P
Mecofort-PG SR Mecofort-PG SR - Meconan-PG Meconan-PG
Mecona-P Mecona-P - Meco-P Meco-P
Meco-PG Meco-PG - Mecoset-P Mecoset-P
Mecoslib-PG Mecoslib-PG - Mecoway-P Mecoway-P
Mecozen-PG Mecozen-PG - Meex-PG Meex-PG
Megaba-H Megaba-H - Megapreg Forte Megapreg Forte
Megawin-PG Megawin-PG - Meochem-P Meochem-P
Mepik Mepik - Methgo-PG Methgo-PG
Methiroz-PG Methiroz-PG - Methyup-PG Methyup-PG
Metim-PG Metim-PG - MGTec-P MGTec-P
Micolex-P Micolex-P - Miol-P SR Miol-P SR
Mishigan-SR Mishigan-SR - M-Strong PG M-Strong PG
Multimore-G Multimore-G - Mymi Plus Mymi Plus
Nanocob-PG Nanocob-PG - Nervace-PG Nervace-PG
Nervebalin-B12 Nervebalin-B12 - Nervibine Nervibine
Nervicam Nervicam - Nervilax-M Nervilax-M
Nervimec-PG Nervimec-PG - Nervo Nervo
Nervo Plus Nervo Plus - Nervstar-PG Nervstar-PG
Neubris-PG Neubris-PG - Neuray-M Neuray-M
Neuray-M SR Neuray-M SR - Neurof-PG Neurof-PG
NeuroKey-PG NeuroKey-PG - Neuroquick-P Neuroquick-P
Neuroris-P Neuroris-P - Neuroven-P Neuroven-P
Neurovid-PG Neurovid-PG - Newgaba-M Newgaba-M
Nexgab-M Nexgab-M - Numelin Numelin
Numeth-P Numeth-P - Nuroace-P Nuroace-P
Nurobyte-P Nurobyte-P - Nurogene Nurogene
Nurohill-P Nurohill-P - Nuronit Nuronit
Nuro-Plus Nuro-Plus - Nurovita-P Nurovita-P
Nurovole-PG Nurovole-PG - Optima Optima
Orogab Forte Orogab Forte - Pcobal-PG Pcobal-PG
Peblin-M Peblin-M - PGab-MB PGab-MB
PGB-12 PGB-12 - Polymeth-P Polymeth-P
Prab-M Prab-M - Pre-Cally SR Pre-Cally SR
Precap-M Precap-M - Predic-GM Predic-GM
Preega-M Preega-M - Pregabanyl Pregabanyl
Pregabanyl-SR Pregabanyl-SR - Pregabir-M Pregabir-M
Pregablix-M Pregablix-M - Pregacip-M Pregacip-M
Pregacip-M Plus Pregacip-M Plus - Pregain-M Pregain-M
Pregain-ME Pregain-ME - Pregal-M Pregal-M
Pregalur Pregalur - Preganerve-M SR Forte Preganerve-M SR Forte
Preganerv-M Preganerv-M - Pregaric Pregaric
Pregaric Plus Pregaric Plus - Pregaspace-M Pregaspace-M
Pregastar-M OD Pregastar-M OD - Pregazar-M Pregazar-M
Pregazide-M Pregazide-M - Pregeb-M OD Pregeb-M OD
Pregelina-M Pregelina-M - Pregmic Pregmic
Pregmic-M Pregmic-M - Pregtic-M Pregtic-M
Prejunate Plus Prejunate Plus - Premeneuro Premeneuro
Premet Premet - Prenerve Prenerve
Prenerv-M Prenerv-M - Pre-Nuroter Pre-Nuroter
Pre-Rener Pre-Rener - Pre-Zeter Pre-Zeter
Prezum-M Prezum-M - Proage-M Proage-M
Proba-M Proba-M - Radlin-OD Radlin-OD
Raga-M Raga-M - Regaf-M Regaf-M
Regalife-P Regalife-P - Remin-H Remin-H
Remin-PG Remin-PG - Rovon-SR Rovon-SR
Rygabalin Rygabalin - Setmylo Setmylo
Shamgaba Shamgaba - Talcobal Forte Talcobal Forte
Tazlar-G Tazlar-G - Tycob-P Tycob-P
Tycovit-MP Tycovit-MP - Vegablin Vegablin
Vegab-M Vegab-M - V-Nerve V-Nerve
Voltib Voltib - Xmyvit Xmyvit
Xycobal-PG Xycobal-PG - Zeegab Zeegab
Zeegab-M Zeegab-M - Zypreg-M Zypreg-M

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